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a random thought: rezpekt

Ok, so this is being maybe a bit overbearing because the last post doesn't allow comments. But, for the sake of being overt and explicit, to clarify things for you - although, I'm definitely not the moderator of this community:

Profile says:

The only two rules:
Enjoy the community and don't be an ass!

People were not enjoying themselves, and the post you/the writer's referring could be considered as having been an "ass".

Some consider Seattle-ites as passive agressive, and fortunately that post did not fall into the category ... but honestly it was unnecessary. [edit:]&: It's unfortunate that the only utility of such a post, was to make the blogger feel somehow above/better than whoever the individual the post was targetted. Insecurity does a lot to an anymous human being.

How exciting would it be if this community actually fostered a hook-up?
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That's the entire point. His excuse doesn't make any sense, anyway. He's just trying to create drama, and doing it like a pro. *sighs* It's a frustrating thing, they can do all this stuff to piss you off, and the only thing you can really do is just ignore them and hope they go away. If only I could have faith in some sort of cosmic payback for going through that. *blinks*

Eh, but that's the internet. I believe the equation was:
Ordinary Guy + Anonymity = Asshole

I appreciate the post though, just as a member of the community. I was tempted to make one myself of the same flavour, but, I just gave up. =S
I disabled comments to my last post because the guy in question who I had a problem with tried to contact me, and then actually emailed me privately. I was very surprised, but apparently this community works. I still feel harrassed, and I also no longer feel welcome here because I was verbally attacked by individuals I don't even know for a situation they had nothing to do with.

Maybe I can explain why people are mad at you:

A) You didn't explain the situation like that. You didn't explain it rationally. All you said was some guy at school kept flirting with you and you wanted him to go away.

B) Either way, that's not what this community is for. If you want to start a community for talking about people at UW you wish would leave you alone, go ahead. But this is one of those, "I saw you and I want to get to know you" communities. Anyway, if you have a problem with someone, it's a lot less lame to deal with it one-on-one than to make a jerky-sounding post on a public forum.