Kristin (malicious_pengy) wrote in i_saw_you_uw,

The IMA...

I was peacefully working out at the IMA, and about to leave. I like to track my progress in a little notebook, and I sat down on a weight machine in the cardio room at about 10:00, when suddenly I am being yelled at by an Asian man.

You yelled "Hey!" I said, "Sorry, I just wanted to sit for a second." You said...something.

I don't have the best hearing ever, and you were panting a little from whatever you'd been doing. You may have been apologizing for the tone of your initial "Hey!", or telling me I was going to break the machine because I was sitting on it wrong, or that you'd only been gone for a moment for some water, or that you liked my shirt. I have no idea. I heard a sound that could have been "disrupt" "destroy" or "distract".

What were you saying to me?
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